Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 Fight: Liberty Walk vs Morohoshi

Pushing, Shoving and Lambo Revs

What a perfect Tokyo Auto Salon 2020! It had a combination of everything – all the great releases you can expect to see, some new tech and some juicy car crew drama (so literally everything).

From what I can tell, this fight (or pushing, shoving, verbal argument if you don’t want to call it a fight) was started when the Morohoshi Crew was revving their Lambo (with their exhaust) excessively inside a convention center. The Liberty Walk team told them to calm down and then all hell broke loose.

Watch the video here (the juicy bits start at 4:54). Thanks to on the EFF Spot Channel for this video coverage and for being a diligent camera guy.

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I think this might all be a battle of competitors because they are both local brands and may have some previous beef that we don’t know about. Most of the video can be summed up in this summary I found in the comments which made me laugh so hard after watching the video to compare it XD

Youtube User: Shu
5:06 Don’t film, ser!
5:42 Liberty walk : Your cars are way too loud.
5:44 Morohashi crew : I put an end to our revving. Sorry for our loudness.
5:45 Liberty walk : Get outside!
5:46 Moroboshi crew : We’ll do that right away.
5:49 Liberty walk : Apologize to me!
5:50 Morohashi crew : I’m so sorry.

This definitely made Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 way more memorable, to say the least! Have you ever gone to the Tokyo Auto Show? Ever wanted to go? Let us know on Instagram: @thirdworldsociety

You can also see the Liberty Walk R34 kit released at the TAS in the same video at 8:43. This kit was a great release and I really love how the kit compliments the original lines of the car and doesn’t just cover them up.


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More Information:

Liberty Walk was started by Wataru Kato when he was 26 years old. He had a dream of one day building a shop that focused on remodeling cars not just modifying and tuning. Kato was inspired by the “Kaido Racers” era of cars where they cut up custom overfenders, make parts from other cars fit and just made it work. Liberty Walk uses elements from the Bosozoku style of Japanese cars and applies it to the highest quality vehicles on the planet.

They primarily work with GTR Skylines, Lexus Lamborghinis, Ferraris and more luxury cars but they constantly have their ears to the culture. They have done kits for Mustangs and BMWs too:

Check them out
Liberty Walk is broken up into two divisions – LB Works and LB Performance. LB Performance focuses on aftermarket body kits and performance parts while the LB Works is responsible for the full remodeling of cars. Liberty Walk is a global brand and has created an entire community around the cars they build. The cars create a community and that community is what drives this incredible brand across the globe.

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