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We recently did a collaboration with Ovrdue and wanted to share some context behind the Japanese influenced brand. At the end of the interview, check out our sticker collab on our shop site:

Where are you from?

We started in San Diego, California but we’ve recently moved to Hiroshima, Japan. We’ve been here for a year now.

How has that influenced your artist style / brand?

Japan has always played a heavy influence in our brand. I’ve had over 10 different cars, a majority of them being made by Japanese car manufacturers. Once we started getting into the drift scene, we realized a lot of the style we drew our influence from were from drift cars in Japan.


What is Ovrdue?

We call it a car community lifestyle brand. We never wanted it to be an exclusive club or crew and wanted to welcome anyone who had an appreciation for cars. You don’t even have to own a car to wear any of our gear or rock an Ovrdue sticker. We wanted to build the brand in a way that if a car enthusiast saw you had an Ovrdue sweater or sticker they could immediately identify you as a fellow car enthusiast. We want to bring people who are passionate about cars together.


How did Ovrdue get started?

My friends and I finished working on our cars one day and were hanging out in the garage. We thought we should come up with a name to represent us, that would come along with stickers and hoodies. Eventually, more friends asked for hoodies of their own, then friends of friends. Now we have people in multiple states and even countries wearing Ovrdue. It seriously is amazing how connected the car scene really is.

Where do you find inspiration?

Living in Japan, I’m literally drawing inspiration from everything I find fascinating (which is almost anything). The car shows and builds here are the first things that come to mind, but even the little things like Japanese gum packaging and coffee can designs are really amazing. Even small local businesses like the neighborhood local produce store will have nobori flags with designs that differ so much from any type of advertising you see in the states.

When did you first get in to cars? What got you interested?

I believe as early as middle school I remember playing Midnight Club 3 and various Need For Speed video games. Then there’s also the Fast and Furious series and I remember watching Gone in 60 Seconds frequently. There just seems to be this weird connection between most guys and wanting to drive cool cars. Most of my friends were also the same way.

What was your first car?

Suzuki Forenza. Don’t bother looking it up, it’s nothing to brag about! My third car, a MKV GTI got me into the Euro car scene and I met a lot of real cool people. My fourth car, the Scion FR-S got me into car modification and the drift scene.

What is your favorite car for drifting?

My Lexus SC300 was the car I learned to drift with, but my favorite car would have to be my Silvia S15. The car drifts itself. Turn in, lock the ebrake, counter steer, and gas out. It’s quick, nimble, and is fairly predictable going into and out of corners. Not to mention there’s tons of aftermarket support so it’s easy to find parts to get it just the way you’d like it whatever you preference is.

If you had to choose any one car to drive for the rest of your life, which would it be?

JZX110 Verossa. It has four doors, a 1JZ engine (that will probably last the rest of my life), and is just the right amount of strange looking enough to never get bored of. Not to mention it’s rwd and stick for when you want to have a little fun (;

Any future builds coming?

Finishing up the Silvia currently and then enjoying it. I’ve rushed through builds in the past and after I moved on to another car, I realized I never really enjoyed any of the previous cars I’ve had. The next build will be a LS500. I’m obsessed with how large and impressive the car is while Lexus was still able to make it look sporty with the slim windows and headlights.

What is coming up for you and Ovrdue?

We really want to up our content game. We want to give our audience content from the Japanese car scene. Stuff that isn’t exactly the easiest to find if you’re in the states. We want to do much more video, photoshoots, and web articles. We’re constantly trying to find ways to bring value to our supporters, while still standing out from other brands who do something similar. We want to show more Japanese car culture to the states.



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