Keeping The Rotary Spirit Alive Chris' Tasteful Rotary FD RX7

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Something most people in the scene can agree on is a super clean FD RX-7. The Mazda RX-7 FD body style has been a timeless look ever since it was released in 1993. It has the perfect recipe: a big engine bay, 2 seats and RWD. This leads to endless possibilities and that is one of the reasons why I think the FD body style is so popular to modify. Chris Majorovas (@cmudge_fd) began his build with a mission to keep the JDM rotary spirit alive and he did just that! This crispy photo set is brought to you by Thirdworld photographer, Mau Tsukuda. (@mautsukuda_photography)

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Chris has been working on his RX-7 for 3 years now and choosing to keep the rotary was really important to him. Keeping the rotary engine did not limit Chris, by any means, when it came to modifications. His 13B is a fully built BNR Stage 3 Twin Turbo setup with plenty of little goodies like AEM water/ meth injection and adaptronic ECU. All that after turbo exhaust goes out a full turbo back 3.5” setup with RE-Amemiya Dolphin exhaust tips.

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Chris’ RX-7 is sitting on Work Emotion XD9’s with Project MU rotors, lines and pads. All of this connected to Tein Street Flex coilovers to pad the ride and offer a lower (than stock) fitment. He wants to keep his build a reasonable height to still leave room for those tires and keep the original aesthetics.

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Inside the RX-7 is a set of BRAUM racing seats, JL Audio Pioneer 7″ touch screen, and a NRG Quick Release Hub with a Nardi steering wheel. The interior mods are tastefully done and keep with a clean look while enhancing the cabin aesthetics and functionality.

thirdworld-society-tws-feature-chris-twin-turbo-rotary-fd-rx7-white-with-carbon-fiber-17 thirdworld-society-tws-feature-chris-twin-turbo-rotary-fd-rx7-white-with-carbon-fiber-18

The exterior has a look that compliments the lines of the RX-7 while adding in some carbon fiber and custom flare which really works together aesthetically. One of my favorite parts about the car is the Car Shop glow taillights, subtle yet so very clean. The RX-7 has Ganador side mirrors, RE-Amemiya spoiler, RE-Amemiya door handles, Seibon carbon fiber hood, Shine Auto carbon fiber diffuser, andRE-Amemiya carbon fiber side skirts. This year, Chris will be working on more of the exterior and changing up a few things!


The Mazda RX-7 FD is one of the most legendary Japanese sports car ever. The FD body type is the third generation RX-7 and has some of the cleanest lines ever witnessed along with an incredible rear and side profile. This body style was designed by Tom Mantano and Yoichi Sato. Tom Mantano was also a designer on the first-generation Mazda MX-5 and has a long history with Mazda and automobiles. There were 68,589 FD RX-7’s produced between 1992-2002 and they have definitely held their value since then.

These FD RX-7’s were built to complement their incredible rotary powerplant. A rotary engine is a type of combustion engine that has multiple spinning triangle pieces rotating around a stationary camshafts. Rotary engines are great because they offer incredible power to weight ratio along with zippy torque and a nice brap sound. That is actually one of the signature features of RX-7s are the brap brap noises they make when idling.

The sequential turbo system in the 1992 FD RX-7 was extremely complex and was developed in partnership with Hitachi. The first turbo would spin with 10 psi until 1,800 RPM and the second turbo would activate under heavier loads of 4,000 RPM and higher. That type of power delivery combined with a 2,600-2,900 lbs. chassis leads to some exciting acceleration.


He imagines this build being complete after he is done with the exterior and a few more smaller items. There are so many fast pace builds in the digital age and it isn’t often that a car is built, completed and stays the same so we will see how long this lasts for Chris. For now, he enjoys driving this car every single time he gets in and that’s all that is important! Follow Chris on Instagram @cmudge_fd!
See the full part list below.

thirdworld-society-tws-feature-chris-twin-turbo-rotary-fd-rx7-white-with-carbon-fiber-21thirdworld-society-tws-feature-chris-twin-turbo-rotary-fd-rx7-white-with-carbon-fiber-7 thirdworld-society-tws-feature-chris-twin-turbo-rotary-fd-rx7-white-with-carbon-fiber-9

Parts List


13B Rotary Street Ported BNR Stage 3 twin turbos Greddy Vmount Radiator/Intercooler Greddy BOV Adaptronic ECU AEM Water/Meth Injection RE-Amemiya Dolphin Exhaust Tip 3.5″ down/mid pipes

Suspension & Wheels:

Work Emotion XD9 – Front 18×9 with +20 offset, Rear 18×10 with +18 offset, Michelin Pilot Super Sports tires (Front 235/40 & Rear 255/35), Tein Street Flex coilovers, Project MU – rotors, Project MU brake pads  Project MU brake lines


Car Shop glow taillights, Ganador side mirrors, RE-Amemiya spoiler, RE-Amemiya door handles, Seibon carbon fiber hood, Shine Auto carbon fiber diffuser, RE-Amemiya carbon fiber side skirts & custom switch back turn signals


BRAUM racing seats, JL Audio Pioneer 7″ touch screen, NRG Quick Release & a Nardi steering wheel

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