Canada’s Own Dylan Ackimenko: A TWS Photographer Spotlight

Enjoy our interview with automotive photographer Dylan Ackimenko as we talk about how he got started, his career, his favorite projects and tips for new photographers looking to get to the ball rolling. If you have anyone else you want us to interview, let us know in our DM’s at @thirdworldsociety

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Where are you from? How do you think that influenced your photography?

I am from Vancouver BC and yes I think that Vancouver is a city filled with artists and dope cars!

What event or moment made you want to pursue photography as a career?

I think it was when I used to shoot skateboarding and I got a two-page spread in Concrete magazine is when I decided that my hard work could actually go somewhere. 

How did you get your start in photography?

Well.. I used to get bullied in high school and thought everyone was pretty mean to each other so I used to skip school a lot and go catch a bus downtown to go skateboard. Eventually, I loved skateboarding so much I wanted something to capture all the moments so that’s how I started. 

What are your favorite types of shoots to do?

I love shooting cars but mostly when the owner and I are good friends because it feels more like a hangout and less pressure so I produce my best content. 

Give us the top 3 composure & framing tips for new photographers?

1. don’t follow the rules get creative. you make the image, not a guideline. 

2. Make sure there is nothing more exciting or distracting in the frame then the subject.

3. Make sure to have a tripod with a level. 

What is one thing / car you won’t shoot?

 I am not a huge fan of shooting cars with replica wheels or other parts unless I’m being paid. I won’t voluntarily shoot a car with xxrs, or Rotas for fun. 

For the upcoming photographers out there, how did you start to build your client base? 

Honestly, I just worked my ass off and watched ALOT of youtube videos and learned as much as I could and let me work speak for itself and if you are looking to build more of a IG following I suggest being consistent and posting at least once a day and tagging tons of accounts in posts. 

If you could change one thing you did in your business what would it be and why?

I wouldn’t have tried to collaborate with people so much because it resulted in people trying to replicate my style and stealing my presets that I built and spots. 

What is your favorite photo that you’ve ever taken to date? why is it your favorite?

I think my favorite photo is the rooftop photo with JJ Dubec’s Liberty Walk NSX mostly because the spot and that car and the lighting all worked so well and also he is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met so its super chill shooting with him! 

Any projects or work you want to promote coming up?

Working on some hoodies for a retro Japanese import good store I have called Checkpoint.JP

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