Render Artists Are Taking Over! Donut Media features Kyza, Jonsibal and more!

Donut Media features Kyza, Jonsibal and Ashtorp In New Video

This is huge for the culture and validation for these professionals who weren’t classically trained. Donut Media is one of the standouts of 2019 for auto media production. They have put out some AMAZING content and truly know what they are doing when it comes to topics and execution because those guys are fun as hell. I was scrolling my YouTube feed yesterday and found this video that Donut Media did about Kyza (Khyzyl Saleem), Jonsibal and Ashtorp and we got SO excited! First if you haven’t seen the video watch it and then scroll down for our thoughts:

These guys are known throughout the car scene and basically everyone has seen art by one of these three gentlemen at some point. They are not only reposted everywhere but they are constantly putting up new content and showcasing new perspectives that start conversations in the car scene.

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To me, that is really why these guys are so great for the entire culture. They push boundaries and ask questions that no one did before which starts insightful conversations on their social media. Here is some of Kyza’s work that we loved!

Jon Sibal is a world-renowned comic book artist who draws cars too. This video, by Donut Media, truly showcases him in the best light because it reminds the viewers that what these guys do is ART first. No matter what you think about the car they made or if you don’t like it – they are talented and that should be respected.

Kyza has even chosen cars to pursue as a business with his new venture, LTO: Live To Offend, where he makes body kits for select cars to bring his visions to life. The name truly says it all, Live To Offend, because Kyza modeled their first kit as a futuristic-looking E30 which seems like a paradox until you see it and dang it works. You can also see the massive wing and some DTM inspiration too.

This is revolutionary in this industry and is a time where an influencer has stepped up to make a physical change on the way we modify cars and hasn’t just left that to companies who would stamp his name on products.

We have high hopes for LTO: Live To Offend because Kyza and his partner, Eric, have their ear to the culture and go through extensive feedback before releasing kits.

LTO has recently released an E30 Kit and it was built off of some of Kyza’s original renders from Instagram for the E30 platform. The E30 is such an iconic car and Kyza adds a bit of futuristic lines as well as keeping some original DTM inspiration too.

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