Coolest Shift Knobs For Your Modified Car Upgrade Your Shift Man! It Adds 50 HP

Here is our list of coolest shifters yet! We will keep this page updated and add a couple more when we find them. Enjoy fam!

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1. Dragon Ball Shifter – This is a legendary shifter that will allow you to gather all the powers of the universe. For you Dragon Ball fans, they still sell these some places on the web or you can have one made for your car.

2. Pokeball Shifter – For any Poke-Fan or gameboy addict this is a grail right here. Catch them all!

3. Microphone Shifter – In case you want to record an imprompt podcast or drop some fire bars.

4. The Samurai Sword – Slice them up with a Samurai Sword shifter. This shifter actually won our shifter of the year award a little while back because we were so into it.

5. Fighter Pilot Shifter – This one is original and if you like planes or Top Gun then this is for you.

6.Grenade Shifter – For all of our troops and military supports! Just make sure that when you get pulled over you explain quickly that it’s not real.

7. Beer Tap Shifter – Shift with your favorite brew on deck. Make sure you aren’t getting pulled over for a DUI either because then this looks whack as hell.

8. The Pistol Shifter – For those who have to keep their quick draw hand ready at all times.

9. The Grand Wizard Shifter – LVL 60 Wizards only. The abilities that come with wand are not to be taken lightly.

10. Rubix Cube Shifter – In case you get bored in traffic or want to show how smart you are to your girl, this Rubix cube one is amazing.

11. Camera Lens Shifter – For you automotive photographers out there, you can repurpose your broken lens like this or buy a replica of your favorite one.

12. Suichuuka Shifter – Original and neon touch for your car.

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