XS Car Night Long Beach 2017 Euro Car Heaven

Last week, the German tuner outlet XS World had their annual California show: XS Car Night Long Beach. This show was so massive and we were so fortunate enough to have two TWS photographers at the show, which explains the fat coverage below.

Although XS is primarily a Euro car show, we still got to see a bunch of JDM builds that were just as impressive as some of the insane euro builds. Mr. Macayan’s awesome NSX build was there and the Tuner Cult GTR made it out too. We also got to see part of the garage of @rwb90210, who owns 5 RWB Porsches but was only displaying 3, definitely check out his IG for more RWB goodness. This photo coverage is brought to you by Dan Coria and Nick Balman, go follow them on Instagram and show them some love!

XS Car Night always attracts some of the best euro builds and this year did not disappoint! One of our favorite builds EVER is OG Chedd’s, who basically has the cleaniest E30 in the game right now. 

The R8 builds at XS were insane! Boden had one on display that was murdered out and the two others that were nearby were ! The new generation R8 is a platform that I think is going to blow up soon and there are going to be some awesome builds that come out of it.

The rest of this coverage is EURO HEAVEN – Please share this with any owners you know so they can get the photos of their cars! Follow @thirdworldsociety on Instagram.

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