Tuner Evolution Philly 2016 Official TWS Coverage

Tuner Evolution has taken the east coast show scene to a whole new level. Recently, their shows have taken the next step; with June’s first annual Tuner Evo Daytona, and Philly’s 4th annual event.

3 halls were packed to the brim with over 400 show cars and 50 some vendors! The immense building allowed the entire show to take place inside, allowing participants to hide from the reoccurring storms and horrendous humidity that took place throughout the day.

Philly’s unique location allowed a good majourity of the northern car community to come together for an event. Because of this, build’s such as Ben Harmony’s RWB Porsche and Salik Zaki’s Lowrider influenced, widebody FR-S were debuted in full force.

Our photographers Nick Green, Sean Carlson, and Tony Luu had the pleasure to capture the event for you to see here!

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