Tuner Evo Anaheim Coverage 2018 Video Coverage by Matt Angwell

Tuner Evo: Anaheim

The Tuner Evolution show in Anaheim, CA was incredible this year! This year’s show combined automotive culture, music performances and a real glimpse into all the subcultures in the scene. Whether you are a drifter, RC racer, or building a car to hard park – everyone felt welcomed, celebrated and had a bunch of fun from the looks of it. If you get a chance to go this year to any of their shows we HIGHLY recommend it!

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This years event coverage gets kicked off with a video by Matt Angwell on the Thirdworld media team. Subscribe to his channel for more heat!

This years show had a bunch of quality builds and we tried to feature all of them! Please share with any owners you may know and let us know who the owners are in the comments below!

This years show featured musical performances from Xavier Wolf, Chris Travis, IDONTKNOWJEFFERY and JermLean. The music was a good way to keep the show going after you saw all the cars and met up with your favorite models. Here are the featured models featured there and their Instagrams if you were curious:

  • Bear Dellinger – @beardellinger
  • Janis True – @JanisTrue
  • Lisa Sky – @143lisa_sky
  • Marie Madore – @marie_madore
  • Nicole Reckers – @NicoleMarieReckers
  • Vanesa Roya – @Vanro_
  • Catherine Lynn – @misscatherinelynn
  • Brittani Paige – @Msbrittanipaige
  • Ela Pasion – @misselapasion
  • Karen Denise – @_karendenise_
  • Lyndsie Marie – @Ms_lyndsie_marie
  • Shay Bella – @Shaythebella
  • Angela Alexia – @Angela.Alexia
  • Angela Mazzanti – @angela_mazzanti


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