Rich & Lori’s 29 Ford “Phat Rats”

There is an unfathomable amount of styles we appreciate in car culture. One of which, is a constantly developing style called, “rat rods.”



While visiting the Syracuse Nationals in Syracuse NY, we fell across an entire barn scattered with rusty, unique 20th century vehicles. This specific 29 Ford Sedan caught my eye. The contrast between the white walls and variety of rusting steels and aluminums, or the right hand drive converted dash, set it apart from the crowd.

Rich started his vehicular adventures on bikes. The term, “Phat Rats” originated from the nickname “Fat Rat” given by his fellow riders on the track. Ironically, he ended up in a scene perfectly fitting the name.



When further speaking to Rich and Lori, the owners, they expressed that the aired out sedan you see, began in literal boxes. With a hogwash of parts and crafted pieces, he and his girlfriend’s car is a mean, street killing machine.



Here’s a quick rundown on what this power couple has created:
– A 6 1/2 inch chop, along with a 7 inch channel.
– An entirely hand crafted interior by Lori, with accents such as louvered door cards and a moonshine rack behind the minimulist seats.
– Hand crafted bags in the rear (accounting for 2 inches of drop) along with a shock delete in the front. – A 53 Ford Straight head 6 engine, straight piped from the manifold.
– And of course, the right hand drive conversion with a boney shifter to top it off.

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