Pray For The Basics Stan's Widebody Hyundai GC

Update: Where They Are Now?

Stan has a pretty hyperactive mind and loves to change his car. This is where he has landed on his car design for now but keep in mind that he puts away his car for the winter so we will see what happens in 2020!

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Stan has one of the most original interiors out there. I love the shift knob almost as much as he loves Angry Orchards and putting slap stickers in your car is always a good way to add some extra personality to your car. If you could put anything on your shift knob what would it be? Let us know on Instagram: @thirdworldsociety

Photos by: @baiwithcam @rexjones_

Stan definitely chose an incredible platform. Not only is the Genesis Coupe unique but it is also a great platform to stance. I almost prefer the Genesis Coupe slammed over anything else because of the way the wheels and camber fit with the body lines. Stan’s car is a perfect example of this.

The Hyundai Genesis Coupe was released in Oct 2008. This coupe was released in response to all the coupe craziness going on in the USA but Hyundai found success with it and had them back ordered in 2009-2010. The variations in engines is also another factor that made the Genesis Coupe so incredible. Hyundai offered a 2.0-liter turbo and 3.8-liter turbo version that also came with 19-inch wheels.

The 2.0 liter was perfect for those who wanted to get a sleek stanced car that was affordable but the 3.8 was for more enthusiast drivers who want more power and drivability. Stan decided to go with the 2.0 to save energy on the visual appearance and stance elements. Stan uses a variety of parts to lower his car and he is also incredibly knowledgable when it comes to lowering your car so if you have any questions he would be the guy to ask – hit him up on Instagram: @thestancegod

Intro: Pray For Basics

Let’s take a moment to pray for the basics… Stan’s Hyundai Genesis Coupe is FAR from basic and when it comes to quality, he kills it! Stan Misiano (@builttopark) almost gave up on his GC build back in December, 2015 but the world is a better place because he didn’t. He turned it around into one of the cleanest GC builds out there and did all of the work (besides wrap) with his girlfriend in the comfort of their driveway! The craftsmanship and thought that went into this build is incredible to say the least so I hope you enjoy this crispy photoset by Thirdworld photographer Lee Zheng.


The Plan

Stan only started taking the widebody build idea seriously in Feb, 2016. He has been through a couple looks to say the least. He had a bit of color fever, changing the color 6 times last year. He knew he wanted to do something huge, something that was different than what was out there for the coupe platform and I think he nailed it. This is what his car looked like before the most recent look. Photo by our friend Zuumy


He contacted VR Wheels to spec the incredible GMR SF-3’s and got them ordered immediately. For Stan, the build really centered around the wheels. Mainly, the lips and the overall fitment that compliments the widebody with the deep wheel choice.

thirdworld-society-tws-feature-stans-widebody-digital-camo-hyundai-genesis-coupe-2 thirdworld-society-tws-feature-stans-widebody-digital-camo-hyundai-genesis-coupe-5

He already knew exactly what he wanted to change on the car and had put in months of researching into wheel specs, offset, camber, tire sizes and other micro details to put together the perfect setup. He had the widebody build ready to go by August and debuted at a local event called Summer Sendoff.


The Setup

The wheels are 19 ×11 fronts wrapped with 245/35/19’s and 19 x14 in the rear wrapped with 305/30/19’s. Stan has excellent taste when it comes to wheels, these GMR SF-3’s have white faces, black hardware with brushed lips. The reverse flat lip is 6’’ in the front and a mind-boggling 9’’ in the rear.


Stan got his air suspension ready to go that month but later had some issues finding the right rear suspension and had to make adjustments. In the rear he settled on AirHouse 2 rear bags with custom offset brackets, PBM rear upper control arms, ISR rear upper traction arms, ISR rear lower traction arms and ISR rear toe arms. For the front, he is running D2 Racing front air struts with camber plates. When he is aired out, the front is at -8.5 and -11 degrees of camber.  The setup is managed with an AirLift AutoPilot V2 digital management system and is running dual Vlair 380cc compressors and a raw aluminum 5-gallon tank with an external water trap.

thirdworld-society-tws-feature-stans-widebody-digital-camo-hyundai-genesis-coupe-8 thirdworld-society-tws-feature-stans-widebody-digital-camo-hyundai-genesis-coupe-7

Overall the build is meticulously modified, right down to the details. From the Angry Orchid’s shift knob to the custom headlight setup and the intense exterior aesthetics. The exterior is made up of a Gemini carbon fiber hood, Gemini lip-type carbon fiber trunk, modified rear under diffuser, rear bash bar, Typhoon chassis mount, GT wing brackets and the Street Faction 69” carbon fiber wing. If you look at the back closely you can see that the wing is not actually attached to the trunk lid. I think makes it look sleek and allows it to be functional which is always a plus!

thirdworld-society-tws-feature-stans-widebody-digital-camo-hyundai-genesis-coupe-1thirdworld-society-tws-feature-stans-widebody-digital-camo-hyundai-genesis-coupe-10 thirdworld-society-tws-feature-stans-widebody-digital-camo-hyundai-genesis-coupe-6

What’s Next?

Stan’s motivations for building a wide body Genesis Coupe was to do something different. Stan looked at widebody Toyota 86s and saw that there were builds out there that truly complimented the aesthetic of the widebody with a proper setup. Nobody had done that yet for the Genesis Coupe. I am sure this won’t be the last quality build that Stan does and we look forward to linking up more with him. Check out the build on Instagram @builttopark and check out the full part list below.

Click to download high res images.
Coverage by: Lee Zheng
Guest Shot: Zuumy


Part List


Remake Auto wide body kit, Modified Remake front bumper extensions, Gemini F/L front lip, Gemini OEM-type carbon fiber hood, Gemini lip-type carbon fiber trunk, Modified rear under diffuser, Street Faction rear bash bar, Street Faction Typhoon chassis mount, GT wing brackets, Street Faction 69” carbon fiber deck, Modified OEM grill, Custom front lip extension

Lighting Custom headlights

  • Black/white painted housings
  • 6000k HID low beams
  • Korean spec clear corners
  • RGB demon eyes
  • Custom fog lights
  • Diode Dynamic tail as turn module Diode Dynamic quad LED reverse light module


Custom Angry Orchard 8.5” tap handle shift knob, Custom tatsu fabric shorty shift boot, Tatsu fabric wrapped door panels, Tatsu fabric wrapped center console, NRG short hub, NRG Ver3 quick release, custom painted red Avenue Performance steering wheel, white Painted white interior trim.


EBC Ultimax slotted rotors, R-Spec Brembo big brake kit, Hawk HPS brake pads, Stoptech stainless steel brake lines, Torque Solutions short throw shifter, K&N Typhoon intake, ISR 3” downpipe, Custom 3” test pipe with QTP cut out, Custom 3” mid pipe with Magnaflow muffler, Custom 4” quad, double wall, slash cut, staggered exhaust tips.


D2 Racing front air struts with camber plates, UAS AirHouse 2 rear bags with custom offset brackets, RPA front strut bar, R-Spec front camber bolts, ISR front lower control arm, ISR front tension rods, PBM rear upper control arms, ISR rear upper traction arms, ISR rear lower traction arms, ISR rear toe arms, AirLift AutoPilot V2 digital management, Dual Viair 380cc compressors & Raw aluminum 5 gallon tank with external water trap

Wheel & Tire Nitto NeoGen 245/35/19 front tires &  Hankook Ventus 305/30/19 rear tires.

GMR SF-3 – (White faces, Brushed lips, Black hardware)

  • 19×11 front/19×14 rear
  • 6” reverse flat lip front/9” reverse flat lip rear
  • Reverse mounted/hidden valve stems

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