Lee’s Proper Panda 370z

The Z, a legend in the enthusiast world, is perhaps Nissan’s Most famous car of all time. Originally premiering in japan during October of 1969, the Fairlady Z remains one of the most sought after and timeless body styles to date. And for a good reason.

It was one of the world’s most accessible sports cars, and Nissan continues to carry that tradition forward today.

The Z has evolved quite a bit over time. Through the Datsun years, 300zx’s, and finally the fifth and sixth gen’s that continue to sweep the market – Nissan has time after time created an affordable and powerful platform that’s become many builders body of choice.

One of these builders and Thirdworld fam member Lee Zheng (@panda_370z), has built his 2009 NISMO 370z into a machine of mean elegance. You’ve probably spotted the panda in one place or another as it’s certainly had it’s fair share of internet stardom. It also helps that Lee murders the game behind his lens – check out his gram if you don’t believe us.

Lee was originally inspired by the 350z and decided to roll with the beautiful NISMO 370 for obvious reasons and personal preference. After 3 years the car now sits where it is today and he’s not stopping here. “Widebody, boost, bagged are the big 3. Wrap, engine bay, interior and exterior are icing on the cake.” I think it’s safe to say this build is still in it’s early stages and we’ll be seeing a lot more goodness to that’s yet to come.



Start with the kicks! The Work Meister S1’s Lee chose are a perfect complement to the aggressive Carbon Signal fenders, front lip, and side blades. Can’t leave out the near perfect aired out fitment either.


The Carbon Signal wing addon and defuser really complement the good looking ass that the NISMO already comes from the factory with.


Lee decided to keep things simple and classy for his Airlift setup with a Specialty Suspension 4 gal tank in pearl white and Varis 444c duel compressors.

Some other bits include an Spc front/rear camber/toe kit, StopTech drilled/slotted rotors, Z1 19 row oil cooler, Southbend stage 3 daily clutch, and a 19ib light weight flywheel Zspeed CSC.

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It’s all in the details – like this Tommy Kaira Hebi Bebi shift knob.


To finish things off, under the hood is a modest HKS Hi-power exhaust and Berk HFCs K&N Drop-in air filter with boost on the horizons. Just outside, Lee’s Custom blacked out headlights with color changing demon eyes and halo complete the mean yet beautiful aesthetic.

Full Parts list: 


Carbon Signal V2 fenders
Carbon Signal Nismo front lip
Carbon Signal Side blades
Carbon Signal diffuser
Carbon Signal wing add-on(carbon fiber)
Evo-R rear fog light
Work Meister S1 3P
Project Kics R40 neo lug nuts
3m reflective vinyl wrapped Ankebono BBK
Custom blacked out headlights with color changing demon eyes and halo
Blacked out roof Blacked out emblems and door handlers
Top Secret Fuel Cap
Tommy Kaira Hebi Bebi shift knob

Engine/Power/Performance Mods

HKS Hi-power exhaust
Berk HFCs
K&N Drop-in air filter
Airlift air suspensions with 3p management system
Specialty Suspension 4 gal tank in pearl white
Varis 444c duel compressors
Spc front/rear camber/toe kit
StopTech drilled/slotted rotors
Z1 19 row oil cooler
Southbend stage 3 daily clutch
19ib light weight flywheel Zspeed CSC


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