The Ever-Changing S14 Pedro's Laguna Seca Blue Boss S14

One of the best aspects of this community is the transformations.

Pedro has owned his ‘96 s14 for 6 years and in that time it’s been through quite a few changes. We got a chance to catch up with him and grab a feature on his most recent build, and may we say it’s the most “boss” rendition to date.  Pedro’s previous build for this S14 was red; with an R33 GTR front end conversion – check it out now.

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Photos by Thirdworld team’s Lee Zheng and Paul Glyde Vu

Pedro draws his inspiration from the classics so it’s no shocker that he decided on the Boss V2 kit.  Relatively new to the market, boss 240’s have been dominating shows all year, and for a good reason. Pandem really did an amazing job of meshing modern and classic into something truly fresh and interesting, which grabbed both audiences for a shocking result.

Beautifully built and executed by Brian from Pro-Spec Autosports, this particular 240’s aesthetic wears simplicity extremely well. Brian was the one who initially introduced Pedro to the Pandem kit and he was quick to agree that it was the missing piece to his intricate puzzle. 

thirdworld-society-tws-pedros-pandem-boss-kit-nissan-240sx-s14-10 thirdworld-society-tws-pedros-pandem-boss-kit-nissan-240sx-s14-13

The lines scream challenger or American muscle which creates a refreshing and uniquely new front profile for the s-chassis. Paul and Lee captured some awesome shots of the details including custom LED tails to give you a better idea of how proper everything is.





Inside, Pedro decided to rock red accents which are definitely a complement to the beautiful BMW Laguna Seca Blue exterior, painted by Harold Rosado. He’s sitting in Bride Euroster 2 premium red leather seats and strapped up with Takata drift belts and pads. His steering setup comprises a NRG 2.0 Red quick release, Works Bell Short-hub and personal Red Trophy steering wheel. Other accents include a Serial nine s9 tall shift knob, AEM boost gauge, and AEM AF gauge.






Airlift suspension gives this thing it’s perfect stance. Pedro chose the 3p management paired with Dual 444c compressor tank and Accuair exo mounts. To tune everything in sync, he also added ISC front tension rods, ISC rear camber arms, and ISC rear toe arms.

I love that Pedro chose WEDS for this build as I’m not sure he could have found a better choice for the boss aesthetic. These Kranze LXZ are wide as hell with 19×13 in the rear and 18×10 in the front; all wrapped in Continental DW’s.


It’s always great to see form and function combined so elegantly like this.

Though beautiful, this 240 is also an absolute beast. Scott Beique from Ballistic Motorsports worked his magic and did a full engine build to really take things to the next level. Firstly, pedro is running a full race turbo kit along with ide 1000cc injectors, a custom ballistic fabbed intercooler, ballistic intake manifold, and CP pistons. Scott also hooked him up with an aem fuel regulator, mishimotor radiator and slim fans, aeromotive fuel pump refab, act 6 puck clutch to handle the power and an xcessive mfg aluminum upper oil pan with lower mororso sr oil pan to top things off.


Pedro dedicate’s this build to his father Pedro C. Castro who passed away earlier this year. He’d also like to thank his wife and kids for their love for cars and support. Finally Scott from ballistic and the guys over at pro-spec autosport.

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 Full race turbo kit
Ide 1000cc injectors
AEM fuel regulator
Mishimotor rad with slim fans
Aeromotive fuel pump
Ballistic intake manifold
ACT 6 puck clutch
Xcessive mfg aluminum upper oil pan with lower mororso sr oil pan
CP pistons
Ballistic fabbed intercooler
Apexi noir exhaust

Bride euroster 2 premium red in leather
Bride seat sliders and brackets
Works bell short hub
NRG 2.0 red quick release
Personal red trophy steering wheel
Serial Nine s9 tall shift knob
Takata drift seat belts
Takata seat belt pads
AEM boost gauge
AEM af gauge

Real Pandem Rocket Bunny boss kit.
LED tail lights
BMW M3 Laguna Seca blue

Suspension & Wheels-
Airlift suspension with 3p management
Dual 444c compressor tank
Accuair exo mounts
ISC front tension rods
Rear camber arms
Rear toe arms
Weds Kranze lxz wheels front 18×10 rear 19×13
Continental dw tires


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