Form, Function & Simplicity Josh's Rocket Bunny BRZ

A lot of people carry a bit of an extremist view when it comes to form > function and vice versa. But in all honesty, what’s the difference? Each is built for a purpose, and that’s just it. We all love our cars for our own reasons and I guess the positive bit is that each side doesn’t really give a shit about whatever hate comes there way. But what’s new.

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None the less, this feature is about form. Josh, who you may know by Itz Fvckin Lit, is no stranger to the GT86 platform. His previous FR-S consisted of a fully built turbo setup decked with everything a gofast build should have.

After unfortunately getting totaled, he loved the 86 platform so much he bought a second but this time decided to take the build in a completely different direction. We’ll let you hear it directly from him

“I bought the BRZ and wanted to do something different and went all stance. Because Stance Lives Matter” – Josh

Today he’s rolling in a crispy example of sexy simplicity – enjoy the set shot by Sean Carlson, Mark Hofmeister & Antonio Logan

Inspired by the builds at H2oi, Josh took his vision to the fenders. Rocking the ever classic Rocket Bunny v1 kit, he settled on some wide ass 18×11 and 18×12 HRE 540r‘s which result in a perfect aired out tuck. Speaking of which, this 86 is equipped with an airlift v2 setup that makes all that fitment goodness possible.

Suttle is definitely an art form Josh has mastered. The VIS AMS Carbon fiber trunk lid flows beautifully with the RB kit and completes the overall aesthetic without being over the top. Keeping things sexy, the bride racing interior bits and seat setup are a perfect compliment to the flawless exterior.
thirdworld-society-tws-feature-josh-w-blue-stanced-bagged-frs-brz-6 thirdworld-society-tws-feature-josh-w-blue-stanced-bagged-frs-brz-10

Josh has always got something up his sleeve and this build is far from it’s final form. Keep updated with him on IG (@itz_fvckin_lit ).

thirdworld-society-tws-feature-josh-w-blue-stanced-bagged-frs-brz-8 thirdworld-society-tws-feature-josh-w-blue-stanced-bagged-frs-brz-9

         Full Parts List

  • Rocket Bunny V1 widebody kit
  • VIS AMS Carbon fiber trunk
  • Air Lift V2 air suspension,
  • Custom Bride Interior Pieces
  • Tsudo Catback Exhaust
  • Invidia Over-pipe
  • LED Interior Lights
  • HRE 540r wheels
  • 18×12 with 245/35/18 and rear camber at -12 degrees
  • 18×11 with 225/35/18 and front camber at -6 degrees

thirdworld-society-tws-feature-josh-w-blue-stanced-bagged-frs-brz-1129299517110_166f4d3ccf_k-1 28966265063_80cd796c96_k-129555632946_4ac64026ab_k-1

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