Joe’s Altezza swapped IS300

Have you ever followed a build online, yet never truly realized it’s intensity until you see it in person? Joe’s IS300 did exactly that. The envy green is so misinterpreted in photos that when seen, it’s like an entirely new vehicle.

We all have that dream car, it drives you to work harder, play less, and achieve the pleasure of owning that vehicle. For Joe, the IS300 featured in the 2000 New York Autoshow became his dream; and, 12 years later, he purchased his first Lexus chassis.



The build has gone through a four year process, however the big changes (that break all the necks,) were done just in the last year. A few stock revisions, like swapping in a younger 2jz-ge engine, started the continual evolution of the car you see today.


But, it’s not only the car that makes this build so unique, it’s the initiative Joe himself, takes. One of his keen features of the build is the wild banner stating, “redneck stance.” Well, it doesn’t lie. The entire car was built in his barn, illustrated on the banner. Pretty gnarly, right? Even better, he jerry rigged a lot of tools to make things on the cheap. For instance, he and a couple buddies pulled the engine and trans with a Kabota tractor backhoe, now that’s redneck.


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