Joel’s Bagged Widebody Evo 9 Photos By Mau Tsukuda

We got the opportunity to catch up with Joel Barrera and his savage Mitsubishi Evo 9 in San Diego. Joel met up with Thirdworld photographer Mau Tsukuda for a night time shoot. Mau’s Instagram is amazing – check it out here: @mautsukuda_photography. Joel lives in southern California and bought his Evo 9 in 2006 and has been modding it ever since. He wanted to have a stanced car but also have aspects of a time attack racecar which he was inspired by.

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Joel previously owned a 1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD then realized he needed a manual and ended up finding a 1991 Eclsipse GSX and built the engine pushing 365 hp to the wheels back in 2002. He is a huge fan of AWD turbo motors and has kept the trend with his current Evo 9.

The Evo is on VOLK racing TE37V Mark II (18×11 all around) and has a full Voltex Street widebody kit with the Voltex 1600mm GT5 wing to keep it on the ground – see full part list below. Joel chose an amazing custom Candy Blue paint job which allows you to see the build details clearly and also makes it stand out because it’s not a usual color.

Joel spent a lot of time on the G63T motor in his Evo down to the Cosworth M3 cams and Brian Crower springs/retainers. The motor also has a MILSPEC 65mm throttle body, ETS front mount intercooler, ETS lower intercooler pipe, AEM intake, Sunauto Hyperforce ignition 1150cc fuel injector, Clinics fuel injectors, Walbro 255 fuel pump and is all tune by Reese Tuning in San Diego. The exhaust consists of a Greddy O2 housing, Tanabe downpipe & test pipe with custom 3″ catback. This car is definitely something you will hear coming down there street!

Joel’s next mods are going to be interior work mainly. He wants to put in new seats, a roll cage, custom fabrics and then more motor work. The work never ends and Joel doesn’t expect his build to be done anytime soon so if you want to track the build as it happens – check out his Instagram @that_blue_evo9

Parts List


Voltex street front bumper Voltex steet canards Voltex street side skirts Voltex double overfenders Voltex carbon diffuser Voltex 1600mm GT5 wing Rexpeed hood vent VOLK racing TE37V Mark II 18×11-7 Candy blue paint job


Cosworth M3 cams Brian Crower springs/retainers MILSPEC 65MM enlarge throttle body ETS front mount intercooler ETS Lower intercooler pipe AEM intake Sunauto Hyperforce ignition 1150cc fuel injector clincs fuel injectors Walbro 255 fuel pump TUNED by Reese tuning Greddy O2 housing Tanabe downpipe Test pipe Custom 3″ catback


Custom titanium shift knob, Stock Evo 9 interior

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