A Day In The Desert Franky's Static Subaru BRZ

The GT86… or Scion FRS… or BRZ has clearly been one of the most disruptive platforms in the last decade. Sweeping the globe due to its flexibility, the Subaru and Toyota brainchild is highly renowned for its brilliant lines, RWD goodness, and endless aftermarket potential.  “The goal was to create an authentic rear-wheel drive sports car with compelling style, exceptionally balanced performance and handling, flexible utility and surprising MPG.” and well, they did just that.


Originally inspired by the AE86 you’ve seen these coupes drifted, hard-parked, daily’d,  and commuted. No matter where you’ve seen them, there’s no denying the versatility of this silhouette. Without a question or doubt, we’ll be seeing these bad boys prowling the streets for years and years to come.

Franky’s (@Imnofrs) BRZQ sits up there at the top of it’s class aesthetically. Heavily inspired by the sheer quality of California’s scene, he’s spent the last two years building a BRZ that’s unique enough to stand out and turn heads amongst the crowds. Oh yeah, in case you missed it, this thing is static AND daily driven.

Most people can agree that the Greddy Rocket Bunny kit is essentially one with the GT86 body at this point. It has reached widespread popularity because it’s such a natural-looking fit. Frankie is rocking the V2 and slightly more aggressive version of the kit tied with the v3 RB wing and C-West front lip.


Frankie completed the Exterior with a multitude of carbon fibre accents that add just enough flare to make this thing stand out from the rest. In the rear he’s rocking the APR CF rear diffuser and Buddy Club JDM Taillights. The side profile is accented with the J.BLOOD CF Visors and CF Shark fins. Making our way around, it’s finished off with the Custom evil eye headlights and HKS Kansai CF Bumper Cover.


This thing has dishhhh! These Watercooled Lp1s are 18 x 11   -16  in the front and 18 x 12 -27 (!!!!) to really emphasize the widebody profile of the car. We’ve been a huge fan of what WCI has been doing in the wheel game for a while now and this set is a prime example. The white faces with a polished lip couldn’t be a more perfect fit.

For anyone interested in tire specs – he’s running 245/40/18 in the front and 265/35/18 in the rear.

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The interior is simple but gorgeous and starts with those red Buddyclub Racing spec’s. Something about this bit of red really tied the whole build together for me. For shifting he’s got the likewise Rod Stewart and Stinky Pinky shift knob. His wheel of choice is the dope Momo X Illest limited edition steering wheel complete with a works bell short hub.

While we didn’t grab any shots of Franky’s engine bay, it’s for a good reason. Though he’s currently hiding an epic custom cut PasswordJDM CF engine bay dress up kit and INJEN evolution intake, he’s got plans for a turbo or Vortech setup that you can bet we’ll be following up with him on.


While it’s low enough to make us think bags right from the start, we were pleasantly surprised to find out it’s actually static. That perfect stance is achieved with BC extreme drop coilovers, a Stance LCA, GT spec toe arms and Whiteline front camber bolts.

The BRZ Pandem kit has some amazing lines and truly adds to the best features of the original car lines. Some bodykits will take the design into a completely different direction but not this one. It really grows on you and then when you see an original BRZ it looks weird!

The BRZ (aka Toyota 86) is one of the most popular coupes in the scene right now. The Toyota 86 was released in 2012 and has been popular with enthusiasts and regular drivers all over the world. The Toyota 86 project is headed by Tetsuya Tada and the car was styled and designed mainly by Kenji Kido and has been a crown jewel for Toyota since.

Toyota made a few versions of this car which is why you may know this car by many names. They made a Toyota 86, Scion FRS and a Subaru BRZ version which are all the same car just branded differently and with minor interior details. The Subaru BRZ, however, does have a boxer engine built by Subaru instead of the Toyota 2.0L. The powerplants are different but the exteriors were virtually identical. This move made this care a widely known shape but didn’t unify the naming which causes confusion for some.

thirdworld-society-tws-imnofrs-scion-toyota-frs-feature-10 thirdworld-society-tws-imnofrs-scion-toyota-frs-feature-11 thirdworld-society-tws-imnofrs-scion-toyota-frs-feature-12

The Scion FRS version was released and then phased out in 2016 as the Scion brand was dying out in the US and Canada. Toyota made more 86’s and stopped producing the FRS versions while Subaru phased out the model. The sales for all models were great but the FRS overshadowed the BRZ as the more affordable option.

Between 2012 and 2018 there were almost 75,000 Scion FRS & Toyota 86s sold in the United States. There were almost 38,000 Subaru BRZs sold in the same time frame. Almost all of them bought are now stanced and on Instagram lol but in all seriousness, these cars are amazing cars and will go on to last for generations down the line.

I picture the Toyota 86 being the Datsun 240z of our time. One day we will see the true value of the timeless body lines and simple yet efficient powerplant.

thirdworld-society-tws-imnofrs-scion-toyota-frs-feature-13 thirdworld-society-tws-imnofrs-scion-toyota-frs-feature-16 thirdworld-society-tws-imnofrs-scion-toyota-frs-feature-17 thirdworld-society-tws-imnofrs-scion-toyota-frs-feature-18

Full Parts list:

RB kit V.2
Greddy V.3 RB wing
C-WEST front lip
HKS Kansai CF bumper cover
APR CF rear diffuser
J.BLOOD CF visors
Buddy Club JDM Taillights
custom evil eye headlights
CF shark fins

BuddyClub Racing spec red seats
BuddyClub seat rails
likewise rod Stewart
Stinky pinky shift knob
works bell short hub
illest momo limited edition steering wheel

Watercooledind Lp1
fronts: 18×11-16 Tire- 245/40/18
Rears:18×12.5-27 Tire- 265/35/18

BC extreme drop kit coilovers
Stance LCA
GT Spec toe arms
white line front camber bolts

PasswordJDM CF engine bay dress up kit
INJEN evolution intake


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