My Dear Charlene: An FRS Feature Female Owned 86

In today’s world of automotive tuning and building, innovation for originality is somewhat lost. Only a very small percentage of automotive car enthusiast are original with what they build from the visions they have going in their head. The women I have seen, have been building some amazing cars. There is one woman who is building a one-of-a-kind 2014 Scion FR-S, her name is Lindsey Gantt.


While conducting an interview via email, Lindsey’s backstory is very compelling. When I asked her, what got her into cars, she stated, “What got me into cars. My dad growing up was gone because he was a long-haul driver. The only time I got to see him is when he was asleep or working on cars. So, little Lindsey started turning wrenches as a young kid. He Would help me learn little things and then when I got older he taught me more. First thing I did by myself I was 17 and changed brakes on my XB. At that point, I knew it would be my hobby.” Let’s fast forward from the age of seventeen to phases briefly. At first Lindsay plasti-dipped the wheels and really started digging into it. And so, the bigger modifications started with set of XXR 530s for cheap and refinished them with a custom candy teal almost the color she has on the car now. Lindsay bought Eibach Sportline springs that she installed to lower it to make the fitment better. David Taylor (Highline Auto Innovations) blacked the roof and a stripe under the windows and did the mirror caps. She went with this look for months until August of that year she had a strut failure that sent the vehicle into the oncoming traffic and nearly lost her life. After Lindsey’s horrific car accident, Charlene was fixed up and ready for another phase. A bronze and white theme that was beginning to capture many automotive enthusiast eyes with her subtle Tuner Style look on her FR-S. 5axxis front lip, Vorrstoen ES2’s, D2 Racing coilovers, and a spoiler.

(Seibon Carbon Wing X Rallybacker Diffuser) 

Last November she was having a conversation with her friend Josh about the new change for Charlene. Lindsey wasted no time, and started looking into body kits for a completely different and more aggressive look. A Rallybacker kit and diffuser with a sleek Seibon Carbon wing to fit made this car look like an extreme tuner car from the late 90s early 2000s. The paint, in my opinion is the biggest highlight of the entire car. The Teal is HOK Candy mixed into real clear to give an super clean metallic teal look. Silver is Cosmic Pearls Quicksilver with Gangsta Black was also used, and topped with Cosmic Pearls Hyperspace. This illustrious color pops resplendently in the sun! It is amazing! Lindsey’s wheel choice is Felgenwerks wheels (18×9.5 +12 /10.5 +15 30mm adapter 50mm adapter) that are wrapped in Vercelli tires (235/40 255/40). The interior pieces is the most creative part. Custom fabric from Johann’s Fabric stitched in perfectly within the

(Teal Candy Paint mixed with Cosmic Pearls Quicksilver infused with Gangster Black)

(Buddy Club Tail Lights)

Lindsey is not your typical automotive female car enthusiast that many guys will prejudge to see as such. No, she’s a purest and enthusiast at heart. Always thinking outside of the box, always wrenching, and always giving back to the automotive industry. If there are any young automotive female enthusiast that need a role model, Lindsey Gantt is your woman to look up too. This is just the beginning for Charlene, and we will be on the lookout for the progression on Charlene. 

Parts List:

-Borla Catback Exhaust

-Rallybacker Widebody kit

-Rallybacker Diffuser

-Buddy Club

-Seibon Carbon Wing

-18in Felgenwerks 18×9.5 +12 /10.5 +15

-Vercelli 235/40 255/40 

-HaloEFX True Gloss

-Injen Ram Intake System

-D2 Racing Coilovers

-5axxis Front Lip

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