Model Spotlight: Cyianne Karilenko

This week our WCW comes all the way from Canada! Everyone meet Cynianne Karilenko!

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Photo by: @_enigmatt_

TWS: Hi Cynianne! Tell us a little about yourself. Where you grew up, ethnicity, all that jazz…

CK: HELLO! Well I guess I should tell you who I am… my name is Cynianne Karilenko. Here’s the thing my name does not sound like the way it’s spelt.. it’s actually pronounce SEE-ANNIE! The first “N” is silent. Don’t ask. That’ll open a whole other can of worms haha.. I grew up in Vancouver, BC… I am a Chinese and Russian creature… I’m 5’3…. I’m sizes 0 or 00…size 5 shoes…my measurements…..zzzzZZZzz…forget it. hahaa jokes.

TWS: BEautiful creature is more like it haha. So what exactly got you into modeling? Any inspirations, or did you just wake up one day and say “Damn, I’m gorgeous… I should model!”?

CK: Do you remember back in the days when you’re trying to figure out who you are and people kept judging you and telling you that you can’t do it? Or they make fun of you? WELL I started modeling because I always found it so cool to be in a magazine one day or even becoming an import model… here’s a secret… I actually REALLY love cars and part of becoming an import model I wanted to learn more about the kind of cars I always modeled with….but anyway I was always told I would end up being a screw up and get no where in life. SO I used that as my inspiration to continue on this journey and thanks to all my lovely supporters out there, good and bad. You have all helped me get to where I want to be and I am truly grateful for each and every one of you. I am a happy girl =) I had a role model guide me while I worked my way into the modeling industry, her name is Jennifer Nguyen. She has been my inspiration since day one because she always taught me how to stay humble and not let the attention get to your head. Thanks to her I learn to enjoy modeling as a hobby and also love the support I receive from everyone. I still may not be the most known model out there, but that’s okay! I will get there one day and I believe we should all help each other out get to their goals. All love <3

TWS: Persistence is key! Keep it up! Were you a nerdy kid growing up, or one of the popular ones?

CK: Hahaaaa….neither. I had a mind of my own.

Photo by: @_enigmatt_

TWS: That can be a good thing. If you could choose one car to drive for the rest of your life, what would it be?

CK: NISSAN GTR…..OMG my dream hubby….<3 The sound and performance on that baby is RIDICULOUS.

TWS: Haha classy, I like that. What do you like to do on your days off, anything crazy or adventurous?

CK: Well, I work 3 jobs… I have a day job, modeling and dancing…. These occupations rarely give me time to do ANYTHING… I’m always running from job to job and sometimes I work so late I have to do my grocery shopping at 1AM in the morning… But luckily with my super human powers I really only need 3-4 hrs of sleep then I’m good to go for another day! BUT when I do have time I try and spend it with my friends and family as I don’t have much time to see them.. I’ve learned to priorities the time I put in to seeing people that I care about…if you’re trying to ask me out on a date boys…Miss Karilenko ain’t got no time for that!!. hehe sorry boys!

TWS: Sounds like you keep pretty busy, that’s good for the wallet. What is the most embarrassing moment you have ever had during a photo shoot?

CK: I always act silly during photo shoots.. its no fun when you’re too serious… sooo I’m always embarrassing myself. no shame. =)

TWS: Silly is definitely not a bad thing. Do you have any hidden talents that you find interesting or weird?

CK: I cut up old t-shirts and I make them look cool and I write very DEEP poetry and quotes. But you’d have to know me on a personal level to see my poetry because it shows a lot of the experiences I’ve been through in life.. maybe one day I’ll share it with the world.

TWS: I can only hope. So where is you favorite place to travel and why?

CK: I’ve recently caught the travel bug and have been itching for another trip to AUSTRALIA since I’ve been there twice this year and I have nothing but amazing things to say about that place. Definitely something to put on your bucket list. I will be traveling quite a bit this year… I have Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Toronto, Mexico, and somewhere tropical during the fall season. STOKED.

TWS: NEver been to AQustralia, but it’s definitely on my list of places to see. If you could have any exotic animal as a pet, what would you pick?

CK: Great white shark and a white Siberian tiger, because both will EAT you if you f*** around with their family or territory.

TWS: So you want to be ferocious I see haha. How many tattoos / piercings do you have and where?

CK: I have one tattoo on my back going down my spine. It is a quote in Russian that says “Love has no Boundaries” I will soon be adding more and creating a back piece to it..but I’ll keep that a secret for now… My ears are pierced, 2 on each side and my belly button! My belly button piercing hurt like a bitch when I got it done, was NOT fun.

TWS: You never see too many tattoos in Russian. Are you the type of girl that likes to sit quietly and read a book, or go watch the movie?

CK: Both. I like to read books that help me improve on myself and to understand others better. I do like the occasional movie here and there but why go to the movies when you can just stream it?? Oh right, that’s illegal.

TWS: Haha but we all do it haha. What’s your favorite type of food to eat?

CK: Sushi. Pho. Malaysian. Thai. Steaks. Seafood. Italian. Greek. Persian. Sushi. Pho. Yes I said that twice. I’m not a picky eater and I love food. I love trying all kinds of food, happy belly =)

TWS: Yuuuuummmmmmmm. You’re making me hungry now. What’s the best / worst pick up line you have heard so far?

CK: Don’t even get me started.

TWS: Too many to count huh? If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

CK: The power to heal peoples painful souls and give them the strength to be whole again. It would make the world a better place, one person at a time. There are wayyyyy too many haters and just grumpy sad people out there! And that’s not okay!

Photo by: @k.ha_pix

TWS: Well that was very selfless of you, props. Describe yourself in three words, and don’t hold back.

CK: Loving. Free-spirited. Strong.

TWS: How can people find or contact you?

Instagram: @cynianne
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