Alex’s ’08 Civic SI

When I hear the term: “civic” I can visualize the typical person and vehicles that the term represents. But, when you lay eyes on Alex’s Type R inspired SI, you have to re-imagine the stereotype in your head.

Alex was raised around his father’s European loyalty from a standard BMW to the notorious Mercedes Benz. However, once the Honda bug grabbed Alex by the hand, it burrowed in and grew to an endless love for the manufacturer. When he was still young, Alex watched a Japanese racing video, staring the sleek and sexy Civic Type R. From then on, he vouched to build his own interpretation of the car; to make authorities question it’s legality from authenticity.


Every build has it’s road bumps, some more hindering than other’s. Alex was graced with his hindrances, though (surprise! Triplets). And with his sideline from the project, Alex evolved his interoperation of the perfect Honda Civic. From full on racecar to a build of passion he built a hybrid of clean and aggressive, staring Mugen aftermarket body panels and Bride influenced interior accompanied by an airlift pilot v2 suspension and forged AGWheels.

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The perfect car is never the same for each person providing an answer. However, each individual can present a vision, and in that vision, one can source happiness, adventure, even love. Alex has steps, steps to be taken to achieve that happiness, that adventure, that love.


What’s next you may ask? Well it’s all performance from here. Down to the braided lines, Alex is doing a full brake kit rehall from the one and only Spoon. Following the stop, he wants some go, investing into a custom piped T4 turbocharger. Many can aim for the stars, only few can land among them; Alex is determined to double his 254 WHP all the way to 500 crank!

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Honda Civics have been a platform for tuners since their conception. Alex’s Honda Civic is an eighth-generation of Civic and is a 2008 which is the same year that the limited edition Mugen Civic Si Sedan was released at SEMA. According to sales numbers, Honda has sold 1.5 Million 8th Generation Civics since they have been produced and they continue to be a popular platform. Some people swap KA motors into this build for a plug and play swap with more performance.

For now, bask in the elegance of Alex’s Civic, but don’t expect it to stop here. All we can say is, next season will start with a bang.

alexs-si-tws-feature_29816601693_o alexs-si-tws-feature_29816601553_o

headliner are black suede custom and pilotop, rear seat custom bride blue with black suede, red stitches Bride seat max low, The main point of the STRADIA II’s design is its form, with a lowered knee support region to improve ease of boarding/exiting while maintaining holdability. 
k24 with Type R Transmission, skunk2 cam gears, camshaft and ultra valve series skunk2. ktuned header with kTuned exhaust, car make 256hp dyno with flashpro!
front end mugen rr with caber fiver hood, rear end mugen with trunk caber fiver AGwheels f121 gold center polish lip hardware chrome airlift performance air suspension auto pilot v2
Wing etc.wing caber fiver top mugen wing
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