The 50th Anniversary SEMA Show 2016

Winter is here; with it comes all the post season reminiscing. In that spirit we bring you a very special collection we’ve been holding out on for some time. 2016 marked two special occasions, the celebration of the 50th annual continuation of SEMA, and the first of many visits to come for the ThirdWorldSociety media team to the Las Vegas Convention Center. If you even slightly like things with wheels and have never experienced SEMA, well, you’re missing out. Nothing can prepare you for the sheer caliber of every single build, it’s truly a melting pot of the worlds most devoted automotive enthusiasts and companies.

SEMA, or more formally, the Specialty Equipment Market Association begin putting on their annual show in 1967 to bring together aftermarket parts manufacturers, buyers, and the most devoted enthusiasts under one roof. From it’s humble beginning of 90 booths in the basement of Dodger Stadium, the show has since grown to be internationally attended by more than 150,000 attendees and upwards of 11,000 experiential booths. Known as the proving ground for new companies and main stage for those that have been in business since the very start, the SEMA floor is a brilliant display of the absolute finest parts, creations, models (Yes, there are definitely models) and everything you can think of that exists within the automotive industry. It’s hard to even grasp or put into words the monstrosity that the SEMA show is, and it’s truly something that needs to be experienced to be fully understood and appreciated.

We’re lucky enough to be bringing you 5 perspectives from 5 different lenses on our absolute favorites from the three days of showing. They’re here for you to bask in – so without further ado, please enjoy:

thirdworld-society-tws-SEMA-2016-coverage-photos101 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos3 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos2 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos4thirdworld-society-tws-SEMA-2016-coverage-photos92

SEMA day one is always the most overwhelming; ask anyone. For the Thirdworld team, we landed in Vegas and went straight to work. Your first impression isn’t just “wow” it’s, “holy shit, there can’t be more.” That’s before the hordes of invited spectators jump into the equation. As the gates of hell open and the flood runs deep, our photos and videos became more dynamic. You simply can’t crouch to get a shot, you perch and invite your friends to bat off the mob of busy people. But, with time evolving into what seemed a hand full of minutes, day one came to an end, leaving the widebody GT-Rs and 10 foot tall trucks embedded in our minds, ready for day two.

thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos7 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos9 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos6thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos76 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos5thirdworld-society-tws-SEMA-2016-coverage-photos93thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos22

SEMA day two started off bright and early. The sun still soft as it rose. Our team hustled to abuse our media time, and we sure did. From the Accuair Lamborghini to the LibertyWalk 430 spider, we exploited the killer light and stunning cars. We began to really grasp the size of SEMA by the end of day two. After adventuring each hall and spreading the TWS name, we thought we understood the monumental size. However, we shrunk with the mention of Ryan Tuerck’s FRS, Rob Dahm’s 4 rotor RX-7, and the several Toyo Tire booths scattered throughout the show; we had no idea what we missed…

thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos18 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos17 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos16 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos13thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos64 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos63thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos72 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos60 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos59 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos61 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos71thirdworld-society-tws-SEMA-2016-coverage-photos90 thirdworld-society-tws-SEMA-2016-coverage-photos91 thirdworld-society-tws-SEMA-2016-coverage-photos96 thirdworld-society-tws-SEMA-2016-coverage-photos97 thirdworld-society-tws-SEMA-2016-coverage-photos98 thirdworld-society-tws-SEMA-2016-coverage-photos99 thirdworld-society-tws-SEMA-2016-coverage-photos100thirdworld-society-tws-SEMA-2016-coverage-photos102thirdworld-society-tws-SEMA-2016-coverage-photos95thirdworld-society-tws-SEMA-2016-coverage-photos94

SEMA day three was the time to shine. We missed our media hour, but had the ability to latch on to builds and communicate with the minds of each creation. Along with meeting icons like Ken Block, Magnus Walker, and Nakai-San, we had the humbling honor to meet people like JJ, the owner of a beautiful R35 GT-R (check out the feature!) and Michael Christi’s heart dropping Slantnose 997. It’s phenomenal to think the one vehicle that overrules any typical show was around the corner in a different shape and form all throughout the halls of SEMA.

thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos45 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos58 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos1 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos31 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos47
thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos77 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos81thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos82 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos39thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos19 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos10

SEMA day four is commonly anticipated for the massive roll-out that takes place. Unlike most roll-outs, a second event, or afterparty, is held in honor of the top 3 Battle of the Builds podium holders and to showcase all that you may have missed throughout the week. We were stoked to participate in the rollout firsthand, until reality set in that we were 2 hours late! The stands and media centers were packed ear to ear of anxious viewers. But with the grace of the car Gods we made it on track and fortunate to capture shots like Antonio’s nation duo in the LBW 280z.

thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos15 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos11thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos12 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos28 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos27 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos26 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos23

We would like to personally thank The SEMA Show organizers for having a big and spacious media center. This served as our editing / mid-day headquarters. It really saved us a lot of headaches when meeting up with the team. We would also like to thank the amazing people, automotive pioneers, models, and Third World Society fans that we have met at the show. We cannot wait for what’s in store next year! Thank you SEMA Show.

For High Res Download Click Here
Coverage by: Nick Green & Antonio Logan
Photographers: Jason Tsui, Nick Balman, Nick Green, Danny Dek & Antonio Logan

thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos24 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos25 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos21 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos20 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos35 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos36 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos37 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos38 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos34 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos32 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos29 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos44 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos41 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos42 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos40 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos55 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos56 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos57 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos54 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos50 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos49 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos67 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos66 thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos53thirdworld-society-tws-sema-2016-coverage-photos51

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