100 Drifters of December– 2016 East Coast Grassroot Drifting

For years Drift Nirvana has hosted the most righteous ending to the drifting season. This year was nothing short of spectacular. With over 130 drifters, yeah, it’s literal, the chaos seemed to never end. You’ll be seeing two perspectives, one from our team member Nick Green, and a guest photographer, Eric Goodrich.


With the help of some friendly faces like former FD driver Dan Savage, tire slayer Lee Alexander, the notorious Clayton Richey, Pro-Am David Bellomo, and killer Ryan Hallbach the event went extremely smoothly.

Even though we never saw 40 degrees, the aroma of race fuel and fresh rubber warmed everyone’s slidey souls; it was going to be a great day. The best way to express Summit Point’s layout is in two parts: Shenandoah, composed of 3 circuits, and not Shenandoah, consisting of Main, Washington, and Jefferson. Unfortunately Jefferson isn’t media accessible, but hopefully we compensated with some cheeky pictures all around the other tracks.


If you’ve ever been drifting, you’ll know the rush it ensues when in the passenger seat. Imagine taking off in an airplane… sideways; that inertia follows you the entire time of a drift. Like roller coasters? That’s nothing when you enter a corner backwards at 90 miles an hour. The lightheadedness you receive pulling off the edge of the track and the smokescreen that encapsulates you in the small shell of a cockpit is unmistakeable.


So get hyped, and bask in our coverage of the season ending, 100 Drifters of December.

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